The story of Wodan

The beginning

The nordic-teutonic genesis tells us as follows:

At the beginning of time, the two contrasting elements of frost and fire where seperated only by the vast chasm Ginnungagap. Niflheim is the realm of frost and fog, while Muspellsheim is the realm of fire.

As time continues, where the heat met the frost, the frost drops melted, creating the giant Ymir, and the sacred cow, Audhumla. Ymir fed himself by her milk. The cow licked from the ice, revealing Buri, progenitor of all asen.

Buris three grandsons, Wodan, Vili and Ve, killed the frost giant Ymir. With his corpse, the chasm Ginnungagap was closed, and the realms of Niflheim and Muspellsheim were connected. With his limbs, the world was created, and two tree stunks were used to form mankind. Wodan breathed them to life, Vili gave them their mind and reason, and Ve shaped them to their human form.

The world consists of many different countries: the humans are living in Midgard, the giants and trolls in Utgard, the elves and the asen in asgard. The dwarves are living hidden among the humans in Midgard and the giants and trolls in Utgard.

The battle for the throne

Now, the three brothers Wodan, Vili and Ve are struggeling to be king of gods, thus owning the right to ascend to throne of Valhalla. To find out which one of them is the best warrior, they have to prove themselves in battle.

The player takes over the role of Wodan, commanding his troops on the battlefield.