Basic rules


The world map consists of hexagonal-shaped fields randomly distributed to the rivaling players. Each player has it's own, unique color.

Two or more fields of the same color which border on each other are forming a land controlled by a village. The mission is to unite all your lands under one government, and to break up and occupy the lands of your enemies. Don't forget your enemies are on the same!

The players will make their turn one after another. Whenever a player ends his turn, the next one will be able to move.

Villages and finances

Each land has it's own treasury which is hold in the central village. At the beginning, it is filled with an amount of 8 plus 1 for each field that is not covered by a tree. After every turn, an amount of 1 is added for each field that is not covered by a tree. Fields with a tree on it does not bring in any money. Note that trees spread quickly on the neigbour fields each round!

With this money you are to recruit soldiers and build towers, as well as to pay your existing soldiers. Don't hire too many soldiers: keep in mind that you have to pay them each turn! If you happen to not be able to pay them at the beginning of a turn, not only the ones that exceed your finances but all of them in this land will die!

To ensure you not to lose track about your finances, note there is a report on the right side of the screen showing you all the current income and expense in the selected land. Furthermore, all lands owning an amount of at least 10 have a flag put onto their village.

Maintenance of soldiers

Each soldier receives his fixed pay at the beginning of every turn. The pay increases highly with the strength of a soldier!

Strength: 1 2 3 4
Pay: 2 6 18 54

Soldiers of higher strength cost much more money! Only a huge land as an appropriate income!

More about soldiers can be found on the next page: The military.

Trees and other obstacles

Trees in Wodan - The Trial are anything but useful: they are making your lands inhospitable and spread themselves all over the map! You should send your soldiers to clear them in time just by placing a soldier on the appropriate field.

Tombstones will be all that remain of soldiers that did not receive their pay. The have the same effect as trees, but won't spread out. Until the next turn however, they will become trees too!