The military

The soldiers

To achieve your goals, you will surely recruit a lot of soldiers during your battle. Soldiers are able to capture enemy lands, attack enemy soldiers and clear trees. Furthermore, your soldiers will protect your front lines.

Your soldiers can be upgraded to higher levels of strength. To do so, just place two or more soldiers on the same field. They will join and form a new soldier automatically, with a strength combined by it's creators. The highest level of strength is 4.

Attack and defence

The rules for attacking and defending are very simple: a stronger soldier is able to attack weaker ones, as well as breaking through their defence. Thus, a soldier defends successful against all enemy soldiers of a lower or equal level of strength, but won't protect anything at all against stronger ones!

Each soldier is defending the field which he is standing on as well as the six surrounding fields, providing they are part of the own land. These fields are protected by enemy attacks and efforts of advancing into your land.

Fields defended insufficiently or even nothing at all can be attacked only from lands bordering them directly - after all, soldiers can't fly! The field is then added to the land of the attacker. An enemy soldier standing on that field will be defeated, thus removed from the game.

The towers

A tower defends the own and the surrounding fields just like every soldier does. It's strength is equal to the one of a soldier of the second level, thus a tower can only be overcome by soldiers of the third strength level or higher.

Towers will cost you exactly the amount of a soldier of the second level, namely 20. However, their advantage is that they do not require any maintenance at all, so you don't have to pay them every turn. On the other hand, you can't bring them into action as flexible as your soldiers.

The special role of villages

A village defends not the surrounding fields of it's land. However, it can only be attacked by a soldier of the second level of strength or higher.

If it occurs that a village is defeated, all the money owned by that land will be looted by the attacker. The village itself will be destroyed. So keep your villages well protected all the time! A land that lose it's village will build a new one immediatly which is randomly placed onto one of the remaining fields. It may occur that a soldier is removed to create a free spot for the new village!

A land that is reduced to a single field does not gain another village. If it happens that it's village is on that last field, it will be replaced by a tree. All money owned by that land is lost then.