Selecting a land

Once it's your turn, begin by choosing one of your lands. To do so, just click on the map on the appropriate land. You immediatly get a summary of the financial situation of this land. Note that the central village of a land starts blinking once it is selected.

Recruiting new soldiers

Providing a land owns a sufficient amount of money, you are able to recruit new soldiers there. Just click on the appropriate symbol below the menu bar. At the beginning of the game, you should have enough money to place at least one soldier in every of your lands.

A click on this button lets your recruit a new soldier that can be placed on a proper field according to the rules. If you want to place a soldier into one of your other lands, you have to select that land before recruiting the soldier. Each new soldier will cost you an amount of 10 immediatly that will be taken from the treasury of the selected land.

You even can recruit soldiers of a higher level of strength. To do so, click on the recruit button a couple of times. With every click, the strength of the soldier is increased by 1, and another amount of 10 will be taken from your treasury.

Placing and moving soldiers

Soldiers that have not been taken into action so far can be picked up by left-clicking on them. You can recognize these by their motions - soldiers that already went in action this turn are standing completely still!

A soldier picked up this way as well as a newly recruited soldier can be placed to any free field of your land. This movement does not count as an action, thus can be altered later.

Attack and conquer

In the first round, no agressive actions are allowed. You only are able to recruit soldiers and place them within the borders of your land. From the second round on, soldiers can be commanded to advance into enemy territories as well.

Soldiers can advance into enemy territory if it borders on the home country of the attacker and if it is not defended sufficiently. Pick up a soldier and place him on a field belonging to the land of your enemy. If a movement is invalid, an exclamation mark appears right over the enemy soldier that successfully defends his land, or over your own village if the movement was invalid in general. More about the rules concerning moving and defending can be found in the chapter The military.

A soldier can be defeated by attacking him with a soldier of a higher level. Another chance able to defeat a couple of soldiers at once is to reduce their home land to a size so small not being able to pay its remaining soldiers. In this case, all soldiers of that land will die!


A click on this button will create a tower that can be placed on your land just like a soldier. Concerning its defence, it is treated like a soldier of the second level. A tower costs you an amount of 20 and can't be moved once placed on the map.

Clearing trees

Soldiers are able to care about the growing nuisance of your lands: trees. Whenever you place a soldier on a field aith a tree or tombstone, he will clear this field. The soldier can't be moved again this turn.

Ending your turn

A click on the exclamation mark confirms that you finished with your turn. The next players will be able to give their commands now.