The game of Passage

The game of Passage is played with a set of 72 runes. Each rune has a symbol and a color. There are six different symbols and colours, and each piece exists two times.

The runes are randomly chosen and must be placed on the 12 x 8 squares of the board in a manner that the neighbouring squares to its left, right, top and bottom are either covered by a rune the same colour and/or symbol, or empty.

A rune cannot be placed on a square without having at least one neighbour. The game starts with a joker rune placed randomly on the board. This rune is a valid neighbour to any rune.

With the beginning of the game you get 30 credits. These credits are not to be mixed up with your score. You can spend your credits in two ways.

If you cannot or do not want to place a rune, you can shift it by clicking the right mouse button. This will put it to the very end of the remaining runes. If you use this although it could have be placed somewhere, you will loose as much credits as there were possibilities to place it. Furthermore, you will loose one credit if you try to place a rune on a square where it is not allowed to.

The game ends with all runes successfully placed on the board, or when a rune cannot be placed anywhere and you have no credits left to shift it.

The score you get is calculated as follows:
1 neighbour: 1 point
2 neighbours: 2 points
3 neighbours: 4 points
4 neighbours: 8 points
Vertical passage (full column): 75 points
Horizontal passage (full row): 100 points
Crossroads: 200 points