72 runes are to be placed on a board of 96 squares. But only similar runes go together. Is your skill and your tactics good enough to break the highscore?

Runenlegen is a single player board game. All runes must be placed on the board.

The runes do have six different colors and symbols of the Futhark, a early germanic alphabet. A rune can only be placed next to runes of the same color or symbol. The more neighbors a rune has, the more points you will get. The name Runenlegen is german and means nothing more than rune placing.

Game rules

Runenlegen is played with a set of 72 runes. Each rune has a symbol and a color. There are six different symbols and colours, and each piece exists two times.

The runes are randomly chosen and have to be placed on the board regarding various rules. These rules vary by the game you play.

Rule variants



Runenlegen (259 KB), Version 0.1f dated 2018-09-27


Alexander von Hedenström
Guido Stammel