The rules of Dragonboard are simple and can quickly be explained:

At the beginning, there are 144 tiles being put on the board in a certain formation. Their distribution over the board is randomly. The default formation is the "dragon". You can see this below:

Dragonboard can be mentally demanding during play. Nevertheless its basic rules are quite simple: Your goal is to remove all the tiles from board. Easy. Yes, but the trick is, that you can only remove a tile if you find another matching tile. YOU CAN ONLY REMOVE PAIRS OF TILES.

A pair consists of two tiles which both are a) are free and b) of the same type.

A tile is free when:

Two tiles are of the same type if they look exactly the same. An exception to this are the seasons and the flowers. You can compose a pair of tiles using two different seasons or two different flowers. They don't have to look the same.

In the above paragraph I used the word seasons and flowers for describing a certain type of tiles. So what are seasons and flowers? And what types of tiles are there anyway? We will come to that in the next chapter, don't worry. For now, just try to memorize the above rules, as they are the basic rules of Dragonboard.

You remove a pair by simply selecting two matching free tiles. They will be removed automatically. A tile can be selected by just clicking on it with the left mouse button. The tile will then be highlighted. This short description should suffice for now.

But now for some explanations on tiles. Move on...